The International Symposium

(NWP-2003) was held from September 6 through September 12, 2003. It included three parallel Topical Conferences:

NWP-1 Nonlinear Dynamics and Information 

Co-Chairs: Vladimir I. Nekorkin, Mikhail I. Rabinovich, Allen I. Selverston
NWP-2 High-field Physics and Ultrafast Nonlinear Phenomena 
Co-Chairs: Dietrich von der Linde, Alexander M. Sergeev
NWP-3 Nonlinear Phenomena in Environmental Research
Co-Chairs: Chiang C. Mei, Efim N. Pelinovsky, Victor Yu. Trakhtengerts

The scope of the Symposium covered very diverse topics such as nonlinear dynamics of complex systems, neurodynamics, dynamical and information processes in living systems
(NWP-1); fundamental atomic and plasma processes in high-intensity optical fields, extreme states of matter, attosecond physics, nonlinear optics with few-cycle and single-cycle pulses, ultrafast dynamics of atomic and molecular processes in physical, chemical, and biological systems, quantum control with intense ultrashort pulses (NWP-2); dynamical and stochastic processes in the upper ocean, nonlinear dynamical processes in the near-Earth space, wave phenomena in complex solids, natural and human-made hazards (NWP-3).

The members of the International Program Committees of the Topical Conferences did their best to select brilliant talks for the program

About 250 researchers from all over the world took part in the Symposium. These include renowned scientists as well as young researchers from leading research centers and universities in Canada, The Chech Republic, Denmark, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, and the USA. 

The Symposium was held on board the cruise boat “Georgy Zhukov”. The cruise route started in Nizhny Novgorod, the boat moved up the Volga river, through the channels toward Moscow and back. The participants enjoyed the beauties of the Russian nature and visited ancient cities such as Yaroslavl and Kostroma that belong to the famous Golden Ring of Russia, as well the charming towns of Uglich and Ples. 

The photo shots of the Symposium feature both scientific and recreational activities.